Week 5 Feedback and Reflection

So unfortunately, even though I have finished the project now, I did not finish it in time for the presentation, so I haven’t presented my stuff to the class to be able to get the feedback. Disappointing for myself, I know but I guess when I pictured us doing data visualisations, I was hoping they would just be like infographic posters. The fact that we had to find the data, create the graphics and then put them together into different screens, to then put them into a digital app was throwing me off.

This isn’t because I thought it was too hard, but to be given to do all of that alongside the other assignments in my other two classes and only 5 weeks to do it, was starting to strain on me. I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I talk to my tutor for help? Well, to be honest, I felt a bit scared about how he might take my not being able to do it, and that he might humiliate me in front of the class, like when I asked for help on how to use the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I know it’s probably a stupid thought but I lost my nerve and just got really stressed out on this assessment, and tried to concentrate on the other assessments that needed my attention as well.

I realise my mistakes, and I’m still learning how to overcome them, but as some wise advice to you young designers out there. IF you are stuck on something, and are not sure how to proceed or how to do certain things, make sure you talk to someone before it’s too late.

So, please Stay Creatively Wise!


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