My Rationale and some images of progress…


The way that my data visualisation is laid out is that it starts on the main screen, where you see the screen split into the two different colours; brown and green. These colours signify coffee and tea – my topics. The world globe represents the button you press to see the world consumption comparison, and depending on which side of the globe you click on, you may be taken to the world’s coffee consumption first, or the world’s tea consumption. On the world consumption pages there is also a button to let you switch between coffee and tea easily, with an easy to recognise “home” icon in the corner to send you back to the home page. Next, if you were to click on either the coffee mug, or the teacup, those buttons will send you directly to the coffee and tea data posters. I say posters, because there isn’t any fancy hover over buttons to get extra information, it’s just like a big graphical fact sheet. This is how I imagined I wanted to display all the information from the beginning, because when I think “infographic” the first thing that comes to mind is one of this graphical fact posters that designers would make to get the information out there before digital apps came to the world. I wanted to keep that style while still using the new app to create my data visualisations.

Here’s the Invision link for you to check out!

Stay Creatively Wise!


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