Creative Collaboration with Friends ^_^

Due to some troubleshooting issues me another student have been having in class, I decided to connect together with another student that has also been having trouble and we have gotten together today (Sunday, 14th, August) to work things out.


The day will consist of:

  • Brainstorming
  • Watching tutorials
  • Giving each other feedback on our blogs and data visualisation ideas
  • Beginning the process of creating the screen images to import into InVision
  • Sketching ideas

Working together is working out to be quite the positive experience on both of us. Progress is moving forward on our assignments, turns out having negative and little to not very helpful feedback in class has helped to motivate us to help ourselves more.

When in doubt or feeling stressed due to others feedback that may come across negative, sometimes it helps more to just collaborate with others that seem to also be having the same troubles as you. It makes the work more fun and you end up getting more done. Sitting down and casually talking about issues with another is an assured way of getting the ideas flowing and not feeling bogged down in the work. It can also help with keeping each other focussed.


Love you all and Stay Creatively Wise!!


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