Week 2 Lab Activity 2.2 | Part 1

This next exercise required me to research into 3-6 data sets that I find interesting and would use as a resource for an infographic/data-visualisation. At first I wasn’t quite sure of the meaning of a “data set”, so I looked it up on google and it was defined as “a collection of related sets of information that is composed of separate elements but can be manipulated as a unit by a computer”. From this I determined that places like Government websites, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Google’s Public Data Directory, Reddit, Infochimp, UNData, Visual.ly, DataMarket, Number Of, Gallup Polls, and Get the Data are good for collecting the data I need for my infographic. (http://www.orphicpixel.com/10-great-places-to-find-datasets-for-infographics/)

Before looking for these statistics, I obviously need some sort of topic/subject to research for my project, and I decided I really liked the versus infographic concept, and the topic for this concept that I want to do is “Coffee Vs Tea”. So the things I need to research would be coffee and tea, facts about them individually and facts about them as a comparison to one another. Asking questions like ‘how old are you?’ and ‘what gender you are?’ just for finding out demo graphic. (https://piktochart.com/blog/8-types-of-infographics-which-right-for-you/)

I think making my own survey (which I should do quite soon if I want to get my infographic started soon) would be a lot better than searching ABS, not because I don’t think the ABS doesn’t have very much to offer but mostly because I find the website hard to navigate and the stats hard to read, and I just don’t understand what I’m doing.

Anyway I’m going to make 2.2 a possible two parter, so I hope you’re enjoying this blog, and I’ll see you in the next part!

Stay Creatively Wise!!

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