The beginning…


I am usually known as SakuraBellStudios on the internet but for the purpose of this blog I wish to demonstrate the meaning of being called “Sofi” which means ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom’. when starting a new blog, it isn’t easy to think of a name. You want something that will stand out to others but you also want it to stand out to yourself. Take the above image, I put together different elements to create a banner image that describes some of the the things I love; cherry blossoms (sakura), video games, drawing, painting (digital or traditional), etc.

SakuraBellStudios is my branding, a name that is personal to me, which I wish to turn into my freelance business. But if it doesn’t work out that way I suppose I’m open to letting the name stay as just my personal name. Maybe it will work out that “Creative Wisdom” will suit my design style better, but who knows that is in the future – the unknown.

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